I have been investigating the legitimacy neonatal foreskins used for cosmetics, and burn victims. So far, the search has been inconclusive. I have not found any direct connection. The company ATCC sells neonatal foreskins for scientific use [link]. Their page states

“ATCC maintains nearly 4,000 cell lines that are invaluable for public health research, including lines used for the study of cancer, such as HeLa cells, as well as over 70,000 microbial cultures. The items in our repository are critical to the discovery, invention, and development of new, improved and emerging advances in the biological sciences arena.”
Since they cite their intentions, which do not align with ties to non scientific use of this tissue. The other cited resource for neonatal foreskins would be Coriell Institute who claims the use of the neonatal foreskin derived material as strictly for research purposes. There are others that claim the same.
I have only found one article that claims cosmetic companies use foreskin derived ingredients, which is here